Congratulations on being a Target vendor! This site is an informational overview of Loren Data’s support and EDI enablement for Target vendors. Loren Data provides network services for the sending and receiving of EDI transactions for Target and will aid in setting up your EDI connections to start trading with Target.

To begin your process of exchanging EDI to Target, you first need to register and setup your information on their Partners Online website, referred to as POL/BEX. If you haven’t setup your organization on POL/BEX, you will need to do this first before any document exchange can happen for orders, invoices, etc. If you don’t have access to POL/BEX, please work with your partner/Target contact to gain access.

While on Target’s POL/BEX portal you can setup your trading information and EDI ID’s. If your organization currently has EDI capabilities and you are setup on Partners Online, then you can start trading data using your current service provider as soon as the IDs are setup on Loren Data’s ECGrid communications platform.

If you do not currently have EDI capabilities, you need to have a solution in place before any data exchange setups can begin. If you have questions about potential solutions, Loren Data can help with our Translation-as-a-Service offering or by using one of our many partners who have forms-based and integrated solutions. Please contact our sales team for more information via the form below.

If you have already registered on POL/BEX, have AS2 capabilities in-house and would like to sign up for your AS2-access account for exchanging documents with Target, some common questions to start the process are below. We look forward to enabling your Target connection and helping drive your organization's success.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • AS2 (Applicability Statement 2) is a specification about how to transport structured business-to-business data securely and reliably over the Internet. Security is achieved by using digital certificates and encryption. To support this business requirement by Target you will need AS2 software or a service provider to support this security and communications protocol

  • Your contact at Target will provide you with access to Target’s Partners Online (POL/BEX) site. Through POL/BEX, you will choose how you wish to connect to Target, whether it’s through a free AS2 connection or through a VAN connection. You will choose your connection and Target will direct you to the next step If you choose a VAN connection, you will add your EDI ID and choose your VAN from a drop down. No additional testing is necessary.
    If you choose an AS2 connection, you will be directed to a unique url where you can upload your AS2 information, download Target’s AS2 information, and test in both directions. Once you successfully test through this site, you will automatically be directed back to POL/BEX and your connectivity testing is completed. If you are manually testing with the Loren Data team, they will confirm for you once you have successfully completed testing and are active.

    Please Note: Target does not do end-to-end or EDI testing. If your connection is complete, your testing is complete and your set up with Loren Data is complete. Please check POL/BEX or contact Target’s Helpdesk at for further instructions

  • By design, Loren Data does not filter by IP for AS2. No whitelisting is necessary at any point for Loren Data’s configuration. While Loren Data does not whitelist, your IT organization may. To that end, if you have issues reaching the production service for our AS2 offering, you may need to configure your firewall or router to allow such a connection. The following information may be needed for your IT team: 
    When receiving data inbound from ECGrid: ,
    When sending outbound data to ECGrid: , , , ,  

  • Loren Data only provides connectivity for Target vendors to reach Target and all of the mapping requirements can be found on Partner Online. While mapping and EDI capabilities are not included in the base service, Loren Data can provide for a fee translation and mapping support. For more information on how to sign up for such, please fill out the form below for a sales leader to contact you.

  • Loren Data provides a free AS2 connection to all Target vendors if needed. If you have current service provider, the existing connection can also be used for sending and receiving of data with Target.

    Please Note: To use the free AS2 connection you will need to have AS2 software for sending and receiving of documents via AS2 communication protocols. If you do not have AS2 software, we can provide other alternatives for a fee, Please contact our sales team for more information on how to use FTPs or sFTP via the form below.

  • Yes, your existing service provider can be used for sending documents to Target. Most service providers do connect to Target through Loren Data and you will automatically be connected once you choose your service provider through the POL/BEX process.

  • The benefit of using the free AS2 connection is being able to confirm the sending and receiving of information in real-time to your partners. If you sent data to Loren Data and received either a successful AS2 If you are not using AS2 and another provider is important to contact your provider to confirm the status of their systems and that the documents were sent successfully on their system. Once received by Target, Loren Data has no visibility to the status of the documents/data, however, it can take up to 4 hours to be successfully processed through Target’s network.

    For additional information on such issues, please contact to confirm they received the file

  • ECGrid has numerous self-service tools which allow you to research, download and review status information. If you need a quick tutorial of how to search for transactions, more information can be found here

If you need further assistance in supporting Target's EDI requirements, such as a non-AS2 connection or mapping services please contact our sales team via the form below.

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